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Diversity certification as a means of social inclusion in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s business community.


Diversity & Inclusion BiH

The research we conducted on the practices of diversity and inclusion in BiH companies, showed the need for intervention in this area and help in providing the know/how on how to incorporate best practices in the company’s business and thus ensure innovation, talent, diversity of opinion, improved access to talent pool, and ultimately surpass the market competition.

The project “Diversity certification as a means of social inclusion in BiH business community” was launched with the aim of enabling the business community to reform and serve in accordance with the world’s best D&I practices.


Why should I have it?

The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. It is about understanding each other and moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual.

Successfully implemented D&I standards can bring with them multiple benefits in the form of increased productivity and creativity, innovation, wider range of skills, reduced employee turnover and a commitment to company’s growth. In addition, it provides a wider talent pool, improves company’s reputation and, ultimately, increases profits.

With the certification and by excelling in the implementation of the D&I standards, you can achieve the best results in your business.


How it works?

You are only couple of steps away from getting certified:

Let’s introduce each other
We ask from you to fill in the questionnaire with basic questions related to the company's processes (HRM) and to submits relevant documentation (no worries, NDA is a must!)
Let’s get to know each other better
We would love to meet you in person and talk about the D&I processes in your company. We need additional information to assess the status of the company in relation to the ranking system on where do you stand in terms of D&I practices. To get the overall picture, we would also need to talk to the employees from various positions and departments in your company. customization possibilities.
We need your confirmation, did we hear you well?
We will prepare a report containing an analysis of the situation in relation to the submitted data and send it to the company's representative for authorization.
Ready, set, score!
All members of the D&I team will independently evaluate the processes described in the report in relation to the set standards and the final score will be determined by consensus.
Final D&I report is on your way!
The final report will contain an analysis of the situation through all 5 domains and recommendations for improving diversity and inclusion in the areas of the D&I standards and beyond.
Let’s talk, how can we bring the D&I to a new level?
After submitting the final report, the company and the D&I team work together to create improve documentation, procedures, practices in order to operate in accordance with the best practices of diversity and inclusion.


  • D&I Analysis
  • Document Development
  • HRM Process Development
  • Management Training
  • Employee Training
  • Re-certification
  • D&I Analysis
  • Document Development
  • HRM Process Development
  • Management Training
  • Employee Training
  • Re-certification


We gathered around the same idea of providing the knowledge and expertise to the business community  on how to improve their diversity and inclusion policies and processes to achieve the ultimate goal of securing equal employment opportunities and working conditions for each member of the society in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


We were lucky enough to have friends coming from different areas of work who have recognized the importance of this initiative and supported us in multiple ways in developing and implementing the project.


We are extremely thrilled that we have partnered with a diverse group of companies in terms of size, sector, ownership – but with a common characteristic of being very successful and recognized as diversity and inclusion leaders in the business community.


Need help?

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